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Anti-wear protective finish for use OUTDOORS.
Water micro-dispersion of hard waxes, resins and co-formulating agents with high chemical-physical resistance.‎
Anti-wear anti-stain protective for the finishing of treated surfaces, especially floors made of cotto tiles, terracotta, bricks, natural stone, tumbled marble, aggregates and similar materials laid outdoor.‎ Reduces penetration of dirt and makes its removal easier.‎ Also allows an easy cleaning of most common fatty stains (oil and greases), acid stains (lemon, vinegar, cocacola), alcoholic stains (wine, ink, felt pens).‎ Gives high anti-wear protection, excellent transparency and elasticity.‎ Renewable.‎ Gives a slight colour enhancing without altering colour and breathing of the treated material.‎
Shake well before use.‎

Apply a thin coat with a wax spreader, soft cloth or spray-buffing with a floor machine equipped with medium-hard disc, in one or more coats: wait for 2-4 hours after any coat.‎

Do not apply with temperature under 10 °C.‎ On hard material it is advised to apply WOPLUS with "spray-buffing" technique.‎

Use LINDO SANIGEN or CB90 (Geal) for periodic cleaning.‎
Do not use aggressive alkaline detergents (such as ammonia, alcohol, bleach) or steam cleaners.‎
Why choose Geal Woplus Extern?‎
1.‎ It is self-levelling and self-polishing
2.‎ Gives long-lasting protection against stains and wearing
3.‎ Can be used with deep protective treatments

Indicative coverage: 7-10 sq.‎m/l

Geal Woplus Extern 5 Litre

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