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ECOLOGIA prima di essere una scienza o una tendenza è IL MODO DI VIVERE non solo il mondo intorno a noi ma il mondo dentro di noi.

ECOLOGY is the WAY OF LIVING not just the world around us but the world inside us

We are two families that have combined our 35 years of experience with stone and tile and working

in the New Zealand building industry.

Fueled by passion, Geal systems NZ brings the absolute best in understanding and technology to you.

Kiwis no longer need to put up with being given a mix match of poor, low grade and sometimes

dangerous chemicals to use on their stone and tile.

With this in mind....

Bel Chimica SRL has designed and created very high quality and unique products

that give full consideration to the safety of the user.

Bel Chimica SRL also tailors their technology to give appropriate solutions to all types of problems.

With these important facts Geal Systems NZ is proud to contribute to a better, cleaner eco-brand, 

and a more stress free environment.  

Geal Systems NZ



Bel Chimica SRL


The Geal brand was founded in 1979 and is now managed by the chemical industry company Bel Chimica SRL with offices in Tuscany and Modena.  The company develops, produces and markets chemical products for treatment, recovery and preservation of all building materials on floors, walls, structures and furnishings - such as Stone, Marble, Granite, Terracotta, Brick, Porcelain stoneware, ceramics, mineral recomposed, synthetic materials and wood.


All production is in Italy and made entirely in the Tuscany plant where the Geal brand was founded.  In their plant they transform raw materials into finished products in multiple sizes, and divided by function into Cleaning, Protection, Finishing and Maintenance.

Their mission statement includes; "Realise innovative solutions that combine quality and effectiveness with ease of use by the manufacturing industry, the professional operator, the specialized professional and the private user."


Geal offers its decades long expertise with innovative products of recognized quality that leave the aesthetic value of the materials intact; respecting their characteristics and allowing them to be preserved over time.  Private homes, accommodation facilities, public buildings, churches, bridges, monuments and urban structures are all subject to daily degradation and wear.  Their preservation and maintenance over time are fundamental operations that must not be left to chance, but dealt with the proper methodology. 

Geal Systems NZ

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