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Neutral detergent - Neutral hydro-alcoholic solution, with anionic and non-ionic surfactants plus synergic agents.

Low-foaming cleaner and degreaser for all washable surfaces. Its neutral pH and solvent / emulsifying active ingredients guarantee a deep non-aggressive clean. Properly used this product does not leave clouds nor dulling on the surface.

For ordinary and frequent cleaning: dilute half glass of CB90 in 2-3 litres of water. 

Rub the surface with a soft cloth, sponge or mop, constantly rinsed and cleaned. 

For extraordinary and periodic cleaning: spread the product pure or diluted up to 20% on the surface and rub energically with brushes, abrasive pads or floor machine equipped with medium-hard disc. 

Remove the residue and rinse with clean water. 

Dry with a cloth and repeat if necessary.

Why choose Geal CB90?
1.‎ Non aggressive degreasing action
2.‎ Works as heavy duty cleaner as well as everyday general use
3.‎ Pleasant lavender scent
4.‎ Deeply cleans decayed surfaces

Geal CB90 5 LItre

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