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Heavy-duty acid descaler. Effective as residue remover and descaler. Also use it very diluted as neutralizer after alkaline wash.  

How to use - Pure or diluted with water, depending on the need and consistency of dirt to remove, on cotto and ceramic tiles (e.‎g.‎ porcelain) and stone (e.‎g.‎ porphyry and basalt) that is resistant to acid. 

Spread Geal 13H3, rub energically with a hard pad or floor machine equipped with hard brush/disc. 

Remove residue with wet vacuum or cloth/sponge. Do not leave the product on cleaned surface.

Rinse and vacuum.‎

To complete rinse rub with dry and clean cloth. 

After drying the surface should be completely dried. 

Repeat if necessary.

Why choose Geal 13H3?

1. Does not exhale toxic vapours.

2. Correctly used it is not dangerous for operators and for the environment.
Indicative consumption: 5-10 sq.‎m per litre

Geal 13H3 5 Litre

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