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Extractor AB57 Plus is intended for all natural and artificial stone materials, even very porous and delicate ones attacked by atmospheric and biological pollution with the formation of crusts, stains and dark patinas. It is also easily applied to vertical and sculpted surfaces. Do not use on plaster and plaster decorations.

AB 57 removes sulfate stains and encrustations from external facing in natural and artificial stone materials. Removes chalky black crusts from decorative elements (friezes, coats of arms, sculptures, etc.); cleans even consistent patinas due to biological alteration (molds, algae, lichens); cleans in a controlled manner frescoes affected by encrustations and superficial patinas; eliminates dark spots due to rising damp on terracotta or other materials; eliminates gypsum stains resulting from incorrect installation of stone steps and risers.

It is recommended to carry out preliminary tests to determine the optimal conditions and times of use.

AB 57 Plus extractor is completely non-toxic for the operator.

Distribute in a layer (1-3 mm) Extractor Ab 57 Plus (Geal) on the substrate to be cleaned. In the case of porous and dry materials, to improve the effectiveness of the application, it is advisable to moisten the surface evenly and lightly by spraying nebulized water. The action of Extractor Ab 57 is carried out as long as the pack remains sufficiently moist: therefore the maximum treatment time limit depends on the evaporation rate of the liquid component. Once the compress has dried, highlighted by the formation of cracks, remove the dried residue with a spatula or a damp sponge, rinse with water with the help of a sponge. Check the effect of the treatment and if necessary repeat more cycles. Protect any copper or copper alloy surfaces.

Indicative consumption: 2-4 sqm / litre

Geal AB57 1 Litre

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