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Stain protection for stone and terracotta - anti-stain oil-repellent.

Water-and-oil protection for your surface. Does not alter the look and the colour of treated material. Can be used for cotto, terracotta, natural stone, terrazzo, concrete and all absorbant stone material, both indoors and outdoors. 

Completes water-repellent protection system provided by ICR 17 or Super Idroblock. 

Gives anti-stain power against oil and grease. 

Does not change breathing quality of materials and resistance to detergents.

Apply pure with a dry paintbrush or a wax/liquid spreader. 

Do not rub energically (to avoid foaming). 

To remove excess (and prevent marks and stripes, dulling or foam) dry rub with a soft pad or a clean cloth. 

Surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry.

Why choose Geal Basoil?
1.‎ Does not change the colour of material it is applied to
2.‎ Makes stain removal easier
3.‎ Suitable for both for indoor and outdoor areas

Indicative coverage: 5-8 sq.‎m per litre.


Geal Basoil 1 Litre

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