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Anti-stain Finish. Micro-emulsion of polymers with low molecular weight, high hardness and high compatibility with mineral components
Anti-soil Anti-slip protective for rough natural matt / textured porcelain tiles. Decreases the grip of soiling on the surface and makes frequent / extra-ordinary cleaning easier. Protects floors subjected to high traffic from wear and scratches. Does not increasy slipperiness.‎ Enhances original colour
Use pure -‎ Apply two coats at least, waiting 1-2 hrs after any coat. Spread uniformly with a wax spreader, avoiding build-up, excess and stagnation. Do not walk the floor during drying. Do not apply at temperatore below 10°C.‎
Why choose Geal Beauty Gres?
1.‎ Resists to wear and scratches
2.‎ Makes floor cleaning easier
3.‎ Decreases slipperiness of steps and stairs
4.‎ Renewable by simple manual application

Indicative coverage: 30-50 sq.‎m per litre

Geal Beauty Gres 1 Litre

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