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Prevents and removes surface "greying" of tiles.

Regenerative cleaner - Hydro-alcoholic mix of detergents, emulsifiers and sub-micronic mineral particles.

Regular use cleans and keeps the beauty of natural matt and polished Porcelain stoneware
• Gives protection and shine to the tiles  
• Does not contain resins.‎
Leaves no cloud nor dulling.‎

For frequent and ordinary cleaning: dilute BEL GRES at 2-3% in clean water (half glass in 5 litres), pour on the surface, rub with a mop and remove with micro-fibre cloth.‎

Rinse is not needed.‎
For heavy-duty and extra-ordinary cleaning:  use pure or diluted (max 50%).‎ Rub with a medium-hard abrasive pad on natural matt/textured tiles and rinse with clean water.‎ Use a soft pad or cloth on polished tiles.‎

Remove the residue by rinsing.‎

Why choose Geal Bel Gres?‎
1.‎ Specially formulated for Porcelain tiles
2.‎ Perfectly cleans with no cloud nor dulling
3.‎ Protects and keeps the beauty of Porcelain

Geal Bel Gres 1 Litre

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