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Hardwater and Limescale Remover

Eliminates easily and rapidly cement residues deriving from installation and residues of hard water from ceramic materials and metals, giving them back their original look and shine.

Eliminates cement residues, fouling and calcareous films from tiles and joints and it can also be used for the cleaning of sanitary fixtures in porcelain.

Ceramik is also used to remove fouling and oxidations from metal surfaces and chromium plated taps.

For fast removal of cement / wallpaint residues after construction, coating and painting jobs; to clean ceramics and metal / chromed parts - Use pure or diluted with water, depending on consistency and kind of soiling. 

Pour and spread the product on the surface and rub it with brush or floor machine or medium-hard sponge. 

Rinse well with clean water. Dry with wet vacuum and/or clean cloth

In periodical cleaning, Ceramik is particularly efficient for the removal of calcareous deposits that cause tarnishing and blackening of tiles and joints

Why choose Geal Ceramik?

1. Does not alter shine and colours of ceramics

2. High efficiency and fast action

3. Not dangerous for operators and the environment

4. Pleasant lemon scent

Indicative coverage: 15-20 sq.m per litre

Geal Ceramik 1 litre

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