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Descaling agent - Ideal for bathroom cleaning. Decalcarizzante is a solution of organic and inorganic acids with controlled action, complexing agents and foaming surfactants.

Quickly eliminates residues and limescale deposits. The formulation with specific additives allows us to obtain a homogeneous and persistent foam during application that acts for a long time. It is therefore ideal for cleaning vertical surfaces. It does not release vapors, it does not damage the chrome or grouting. It is used on all acid-resistant materials: ceramic coverings, bricks, glass mosaic, bathroom fixtures, glass walls of shower enclosures.

Ready-to-use product. Open the valve and spray the product on the surface to be cleaned. Leave to act for a few minutes. If the residue is very consistent, rub with an abrasive sponge, otherwise rinse directly with clean water. 

Repeat if necessary. 

Lifting the mesh on the sprayer head it is possible to apply the product by simple spraying, with reduced foaming. Do not apply on materials sensitive to acids.

Why choose Geal Decalcarizzante?

1. Forms a homogenous foam which acts for a long time;
2. It is also ideal on vertical surfaces;
3. Does not damage the chrome.

Geal Decalcarizzante 750ml

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