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Tested on Mapei Kerapoxy, Sika and Technokolla, Laticrete Latapoxy and Spectralock.

EPOSOLV is a dedicated formulation made for the removal of residues of epoxy resin and grouts used for laying tiles and mosaics, both flooring and coverings, vitreous and glazed, made of Porcelain tiles and clinker.

The special formula works in a selective way on the polymeric component, breaks it up and makes its removal from the surface easier. In comparison with similar cleaners available on the market, this product results highly efficient even for resins and grouts totally crosslinked, dried and consolidated.

EPOSOLV features fast and deep action; due to its thickened formulation it can be also used on vertical surfaces. The product can be used even for the cleaning of absorbent materials such as Cotto and Terracotta tiles, natural and artificial Stone. On acid-sensitive materials, such as Marble and polished dense Limestone, it can cause dulling: it is advised to carry out a preliminary test and possibly expect an intervention of shine restoration (e.g. with RILUX – GEAL)

Stir and homogenise the product before use.

Use EPOSOLV pure: apply a thin layer with a brush, spread it homogenously and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Rub with an abrasive sponge, remove the residue with paper or with colourless cloth and rinse with water until complete removal.

If necessary repeat after drying.

Avoid long contact as the product could damage the grouting. Always carry out preliminary tests in order to verify its compatibility with the material to be cleaned, dosage and correct time of application.

Why choose Geal Eposolv?
1.‎ Is specially formulated for the porcelain stoneware
2.‎ It cleans the residues of epoxy grouts even after many days of the installation

Indicative consumption: 1 litre for 3-5, depending on the quantity and consistence of residues to remove.

Geal Eposolv 1 litre

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