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Absorbs and eliminates oil and fat stains. Specific cleaner for stains of oil and fatty substances strongly anchored and penetrated on all materials (with the exception of Wood, Linoleum and Rubber); particularly effective for the removal of carbon black and unburned residues caused by exhaust gases, soot, smog and fires. Effectively removes old oil and wax treatments. It removes carbon black, soot and smog, mold, moss, lichen and organic deposits (guano). Effectively removes oily-waxy treatments even aged and deeply penetrated; it can be functional to eliminate polymeric films. Facilitates the removal of mold-musks-lichens from absorbent materials. 

It is used to support and supplement the liquid alkaline wash SERVICE ALCALE (Geal) to remove stains and persistent residues of oily-waxy and antiqued treatments. It can be used after the SERVICE SOLVENT (Geal) to complete the debinding cycle of persistent and difficult to remove treatments.


For use on unpolished natural and artificial stones, terracotta, terracotta, klinker. Particularly suitable for application on walls, ceilings and for localized interventions.


It must be applied with a spatula, brush or spray, one coat in an even layer. The thickness of the layer of Alcale must be consistent (about 1-2 mm), to absorb the dirt removed from the depth. The contact time must allow extraction and complete absorption in the clayey support; the time therefore depends on the quality, quantity and depth of the substances to be extracted and can vary from a few hours to significantly longer times.

If the stains persist, the intervention can be repeated.

After extraction, remove the residue and rinse by scrubbing firmly with a single brush and hard disk or brushes, emulsifying with water. Remove the residue with a vacuum cleaner and rinse repeatedly with plenty of water. The rinsing should be interrupted when the formation of foam is minimal.

Then rinse with ACID 13H3 (Geal) diluted at 50% or with ACID-ONE (Geal) diluted at 20% or with pure SERVICE ACIDO (Geal) and finally a rinse with water.

To intervene in the removal of stains on delimited areas (for example on a tile) it is important to apply ALCALE (Geal) not only in correspondence with the stain but on the entire surface delimited or interrupted by gaps, joints, etc. Any separation of the product into two phases does not compromise its performance effectiveness.

It is necessary to shake and mix the product vigorously before use to make it homogeneous.

Given the high alkalinity of Alcale, check the compatibility with the equipment used.   


Indicative consumption:2-5 sqm / liter


Geal Estrattore Alcale 1 LItre

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