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Cleaner for the rapid and localized removal of halos and rust stains from absorbent stone materials (stones, marble, granite, concrete, etc.), smoothed or polished, resistantant to acids.

Quickly removes rust stains and halos and other surface metal oxides. The effectiveness is proportional to the time spent on the material. Surface stains due to contact with iron objects, dripping of ferruginous liquids or containing metal salts are removed quickly and permanently. Extractive efficacy decreases in proportion to the depth of oxidation.


Carry out preliminary tests.


Spread a 2-3 mm layer over the entire surface affected by the stains. Leave to act for the necessary time (from a few minutes to a few hours), remove with spatulas or a damp sponge, before completely drying and rinse with plenty of water; if necessary, repeat the compress.

Indicative consumption: 1 liter / 2-4 m2

Geal Estrattore Toguliruggine Rust Remover 500ml

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