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Protects the surface to allow rapid removal of graffiti from the treated surface.
Reapply after each cleaning.
It is invisible, does not film or alter the color of the protected material and resists atmospheric agents.

Applicable on all building materials, even on plasters and synthetic colors (eg washable paints, quartz), wood and painted metal.

GRAFFI 'DEFEND (Geal) anti- graffiti emulsion  is a ready-to-use product for the protection of all building materials, even if they are not very absorbent (Stone, Marble, Granite, Brick, Terracotta, Cement, Grit, Ceramics, Mosaic, Metal, etc.).

Forms a transparent and colourless protective film that prevents the penetration of paints, sprays, markers, etc. The visual impact of GRAFFI 'DEFEND (Geal) is minimal: applied in the right dose does not create areas with shiny or translucent effects and retains the protective effect even after prolonged outdoor exposure. It decreases the attachment of dirt and smog favouring their cleaning.

It is applied on surfaces previously treated with GRAFFI 'FOND (Geal), according to the GRAFFI' (Geal) anti-graffiti system.

GRAFFI 'DEFEND (Geal) is applied pure in one or two coats with a low pressure sprayer (recommended method) on dry and clean surfaces, treated with GRAFFI' FOND (Geal) and after waiting for it to dry (at least 1-2 hours) before application.

Uniform absorption by eliminating any excesses before drying with a roller / fleece spreader; for this purpose it is advisable to operate from the bottom upwards.

Do not apply on very cold surfaces or surfaces directly exposed to sunlight and during the hottest hours.

It is advisable to carry out preliminary application tests in order to establish the optimal dosage.

The consumption of GRAFFI 'DEFEND (Geal)  depends on the absorption of the materials to be treated: approximately with 1 liter of GRAFFI' DEFEND (Geal), 8 to 15 square meters of medium porous stone material or previously treated with GRAFFI 'FOND are treated.

Geal Graffi Defend 1 Ltre

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