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Surface preparation for Geal Anti Graffiti system.

For use on Stone, Bricks, Cement, Plaster and all absorbent stone materials.

Reduces and evens the absorption of porous materials. It does not alter the color or the breathability of the material. It is applied by spraying.

GRAFFI 'FOND (Geal) is a formulation with high chemical-physical resistance for the preparation of the base of the natural and artificial product for the protection of the anti-graffiti surface. The application of Graffì Fond also favours the adhesion of the anti-graffiti protective GRAFFI 'DEFEND (GEAL) on any substrate. 

GRAFFI 'FOND (Geal)  constitutes a water-repellent base barrier, allows the uniform distribution of surface protectors, helps to achieve homogeneous anti-graffiti protection.

It does not form films nor substantially change the natural vapor permeability (breathability) of the material. 

It does not alter the color and appearance of the material on which it is applied, nor is it subject to chromatic alterations due to exposure to sunlight.

It is applied in a single spray coat before the scratch-resistant surface protection GRAFFI 'DEFEND (Geal) .

It is applied neat with a low pressure sprayer (recommended method) on the dry and clean surface, uniforming the application and removing any excess and draining. It is preferable to act starting from the bottom up.

Do not apply on very cold surfaces or surfaces directly exposed to sunlight during the hottest hours.

After drying (at least 1 hour) proceed with the application of the surface anti-graffiti protective GRAFFI 'DEFEND (Geal); to do this, consult the specific technical data sheets.

Indicative consumption:   6-8 sqm / litre

Geal Graffi Fond 1 litre

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