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Daily cleaning for terracotta and stone.

Gentle grease remover detergent with marseille soap for the daily cleaning of all cotto and terracotta floors, natural and artificial absorbent stone materials, even the treated ones. Specially indicated for rustic flooring.

Due to the natural ingredients and the additives that it contains, it is easy to apply, it does not change the treatment and guarantees the best respect for the material and the consumer. It does not need rinsing.

The regular use of LINDO MARSÍ (GEAL) allows to keep the natural colour and look of the material, enhanceing the brightnesss and reduceing the absorption of the dirt.

It is used diluted for the frequent use and in a higher concentration for the extraordinary maintenance and the removal of the persistant dirt.

Shake well before use.

For the frequent use: dilute it in water 5 % ( 1 glass / 5 lt. water). Extraordinary maintenance: use a higher concentration to remove the persistant dirt. It is applied with a properly squeezed cloth, spreading it uniformly on the surface. Rinse the cloth with clean water when needed to avoid making the surface dirty.

Do not rinse the surface otherwise the protection could be removed.

Indicative consumption (diluted product): 1 litre / 200 sm aprox.

Geal Lindo Marsi 1 litre

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