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For the impregnation and recovery of black slate - Complex and concentrated blend of drying vegetable oils, hard waxes and non-toxic black pigment in a mixture of hydrocarbon solvents.

On black slate corrects whitening caused by acid detergents or exposure to atmospheric agents. Protects against wear, the penetration of staining substances and whitening. The toning is easy to maintain and renewable with periodic applications. It is also used to darken evenly shaded joints, stones and cement agglomerates.

Shake well before and during use. It is a concentrated toner; apply it diluted with ICR17 as needed (always carry out preliminary test). Even out well with rags or floor machine equipped with a soft disk, eliminating excesses. 

Wait at least 1 day for any application of WOPLUS (GEAL) to finish. 

To evenly darken the joints also use it pure with a small brush; repeat the application, if necessary. 

WARNING: Do not accumulate the rags and sponges soaked in the preparation, they could ignite by self-ignition.

Why choose Geal Lito Ardesia?

1.  Easy to apply  
2.  It does not create films, exfoliation or cracks
3. Renews and protects the original appearance

Indicative consumption: 25 SQM / 1L

Geal Lito Ardesia 1 litre

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