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PRO CEM is a formulation specially designed for the protective treatment of materials made with cement and stone aggregates, both powder and grit, indoors and outdoors.

It is characterized by high penetration into the porosity of the material, resistance to alkalinity and washout. It is breathable, does not film and does not whiten following prolonged contact with water. It gives the material a light satin sheen without significantly altering its color. It drastically reduces the surface absorption of the most common water, oily and greasy stains.

Facilitates frequent cleaning, to be performed with CB90 (GEAL), and periodic maintenance. It is reversible and renewable. 

The surface to be treated must be previously cleaned. For this purpose, use diluted CB90 (GEAL), if the material has only general dirt. In the presence of oily stains, greases and organic residues, use pure SERVICE ALCALE (GEAL), leave to act for 5-15 minutes, then rub with brushes or hard abrasive pads.

Remove the washing residues, neutralize with diluted SERVICE ACIDO (GEAL) and finally rinse with clean water.

In the presence of limestone residues and salt efflorescence, simply use diluted SERVICE ACIDO (GEAL), followed by rinsing with clean water.

Allow the surface to dry evenly, then apply PRO CEM with a brush or spreader, taking care to wet the material evenly and avoiding the formation of excesses, which must be immediately removed with a dry cloth, before the product begins to dry.

Apply one or two coats, depending on the absorption of the material. Wait for the surface to dry completely between one coat and the next.

Do not apply with external temperatures below 5°C or above 35°C.

Indicative consumption: 12 sqm / liter, depending on the type of material and its absorption.

Geal Pro Cem 1 Litre

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