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Water repellent - Anti-dust - Consolidant - Water-based micro-emulsion of silane-siloxane and selected consolidants at deep penetrating power and high crosslinking within material interstices.
Ready-to-use water repellent and consolidant, for cotto tiles, bricks, tuffstone, plaster and all stone materials and concrete surfaces
• Reduces growth of saline efflorescences and dusting from ceiling, vaults, walls, both indoor and outdoor, in any work of restoration
• Minimum reduction of breathing.‎ Makes cohesive the particles and grains crumbling and detaching
• Does not change the original look of materials.‎ Slows down alteration and ageing
Apply pure on clean, dry or uniformly wet surfaces
• Slightly wet the surface to be treated, rub it until removing possible excess
• Apply one or more coats, depending on need
• It is recommended to execute a preliminary test before application
Why choose Geal Pulvistop?
1.‎ Consolidates in depth walls, plasters and façades
2.‎ Avoids seepage and damp
3.‎ Does not change the look of materials nor film

Indicative coverage: 3-7 sq.‎m per litre

Geal Pulvistop 1 Litre

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