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For use on stones, granite, unpolished marble, terracotta, klinker, porcelain stoneware and unpolished recomposed; on resistant ceramics (do a preliminary test); on cement-based materials, unpolished mosaics. Do not apply on polished limestone materials.

Service Acido (Geal) is a non-toxic product with low environmental impact, specific for the rapid and complete removal of efflorescence, dark spots, rust, traces of whitening from horizontal and vertical surfaces. It does not contain muriatic or hydrochloric, sulfuric, phosphoric, nitric and similar acids. Unlike other calculating acids, it does not form vapors that are harmful to humans and dangerous for equipment and metal structures.


Distribute Service Acido (Geal), pure or diluted in water, on the surface to be cleaned and scrub with brushes or pads of hard synthetic fibers or floor machine equipped with hard synthetic discs. Remove the residue with rags, sponges or vacuum cleaners. Rinse thoroughly with water, uniform drying with a clean cloth. The dry surface must appear clean; if there are streaks or stains still sensitive to acid (check for the absence of effervescence) repeat the wash. Service Acido (Geal) can also be used in washer-dryers, pressure washers and sprayers without damaging the equipment. 

Indicative consumption: 5-10 sqm / liter

Geal Service Acido 10 litre

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