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Strong alkaline detergent - Strong detergent with high degrasing and wax removing power, based on organic and inorganic alkalis, solvents, surfactants and sequestering agents
Removes organic residues and carbon black from floors and coverings. 

For restoration: removes altered treatments based on oil-wax, traditional red paints for cotto tiles, polymeric / crosslinked waxes, old hard soil, algae and mould.‎

Deep cleaner for blackened grouts. 

For new floors: removes black stains from cotto and terracotta tiles before washing with Geal 13h3.
Use pure for the strongest action or diluted at 50%. Spread on the surface a let it stand for a few minutes: then rub energically with hard pads or a floor machine equipped with hard abrasive discs. Remove the residue and rinse with a solution of  Acido 13H3 diluted at 10-20% or Service Acido (Geal). Rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat if needed
Why choose Geal Service Alcale?
1.‎ Restores altered surfaces
2.‎ Removes stains and hard organic residues
3.‎ Can be used on all kinds of stone and ceramic

Indicative consumption: 4-8 sq.‎m per litre

Geal Service Alcale 1 Litre

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