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Paint remover - Removal agent - A complex blend of organic solvents and emulsifiers with a stripping and stripping action.
It dissolves stains and synthetic treatments, oils, fats, glues and waxes, allowing them to be easily removed. It evaporates slowly so as to allow a better solvent action
• The complete removal of its residues is possible thanks to the high emulsifiability with the rinsing water
• To enhance its effectiveness in the removal of waxy residues and oily stains absorbed in depth, apply the wax remover afterwards ALKALE SERVICE or ALKALE EXTRACTOR (GEAL); for this purpose it is advisable to carry out preliminary tests (see related Technical Sheets).
Apply on a dry surface, let it act for a few minutes and rub with medium-hard pads, by hand or with a floor machine; add water to emulsify residues and remove them with vacuum cleaners or sponges
• Clean with non-colored cloths
• To clean large surfaces or after repeated use of SERVICE SOLVENTE, it is recommended to rinse with CB90 (GEAL) diluted 10% in water and then with clean water
• Carry out preliminary tests
• Repeat if necessary.
Why Choose Geal Service Solvente?
1. It has slow evaporation and therefore allows greater solvent action
2. It has low toxicity and environmental impact


Geal Service Solvente 1Litre

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