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Strong alkali solution, surfactants and emulsifiers with high degreasing power. Ideal for cleaning floor and wall surfaces, kitchen worktops, food laboratories, mechanical workshops.

Excellent easy-to-use product to eliminate stains and greasy and oily residues on floors and walls, kitchen tops and tops, areas dedicated to the preparation and processing of food, mechanical workshops, etc. If used as directed it will not damage chrome, metals and plastics. It forms a persistent foam and also activates vertically. Do not use on wooden surfaces.

Sgrassatore is an effective product for cleaning all surfaces on which drops and residues of fats, organic dirt and oils of vegetable, animal or mineral origin have deposited. 

To use; Open the valve and spray the product directly on the surface to be cleaned. A persistent foam is formed which acts for a long time, even vertically. Leave on for a few seconds and then rub with a soft abrasive sponge. Remove dirt and rinse with clean water, preferably warm. Repeat if necessary.

Why Choose Geal Sgrassatore?

1. Forms a homogeneous and persistent foam
2. Ideal also on vertical surfaces

Indicative consumption: As needed.

Geal Sgrassatore 750ml

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