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Water-based protective impregnating agent for the thermal insulation treatment of the external walls of buildings. Useful for improving energy efficiency as an alternative to "external" coatings. 

Reduces the thermal dispersion of wet materials by up to 25%.

Termoblock (Geal) is applied on the external perimeter walls of buildings, on bricks, stones and plasters.

It is an impregnating agent based on silane-siloxane oligomers, leveling and synergistic in aqueous emulsion, useful for reducing the thermal dispersion of absorbent building materials.

Termoblock (Geal) is an innovative protective impregnating agent which, penetrating deeply through the porosity of the material on which it is applied, allows to maintain the thermal insulation characteristics unaltered and constant.

Termoblock (Geal) is breathable, colorless, does not alter the appearance of the material. It is ideal for interventions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, as an alternative to the construction of external coatings.

Termoblock (Geal) is ready to use. It is applied in one or more coats, depending on the absorption of the material, on clean and dry surfaces, or evenly damp surfaces.

To spread the product, use a brush or a low pressure nebulizer for spray application. Do not spray. Do not use compressors.

Wet the surface to be treated evenly, from bottom to top.

Remove any excess product or drips with a clean cloth.

Wait for complete drying before applying a second coat.

Indicative consumption:  8-12 Mq / 1 liter - according to the absorption of the material

Geal Termoblock 10 Litre

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